The Best International Schools in Elche

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International Schools are very popular in Elche. Discover The Best International Schools in Elche.

Why choosing an International School?

Finding the right school for your child is one of the major concerns for many international families when relocating to a new country or city and they can be confident to find a wide range private international schools top choose from. These schools typically offer different curricula, with the most popular being the British, American and International Baccalaureate (IB).

Why choosing a school in Elche?

Also known as ‘Elx’, the southeastern Spanish city of Elche has a long and eventful story to tell. The modern-day location of the city is not its first and as expatriate living in Elche you can visit the original city, La Alcudia, just over five miles down the road. Expatriates in Elche are able to see the remnants of the Romans, Byzantines, Goths and Moors, who each left their own individual mark on the city. The old center is a cornucopia of culture and architecture to explore, with the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria, the Altamira Castle and the palmeral of Elche, a palm tree orchard of over 200,000 palm trees, worthy of special note. Expats living in Elche are in for a cultural and historical extravaganza, with a rich local food culture and comfortably hot climate perhaps giving some clue as to why so many different empires were so keen to occupy the city. Check the list below and find the best International Schools in Elche! Below, you’ll find a selection of the finest International schools throughout Elche. We encourage you to reach out and connect with us — World Schools is eager to help you form the quality, long-lasting relationship between student and school that your child deserves.

Best International Schools in Elche

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