The action of working with someone to produce something

 Brewster-Madrid-Blog-Featured-Image The action of working with someone to produce something

One way to understand Brewster is to consider the role collaboration plays at our school. At Brewster, our adults seek every opportunity to practice, model, and teach collaboration, and it is what we seek to foster with our parents.

From the beginning of their time at Brewster, students are taught various modes of collaboration, which they then practice explicitly in class as they move through our academic curriculum. We believe the capacity to collaborate effectively is essential not just in our students’ academic lives but also for their success in their future professional and community arenas.

At the heart of our Brewster Model is the team approach—and at the heart of the Brewster Model is collaboration. All of a student’s teachers meet multiple times a week to discuss a student’s progress. This disciplined collaboration ensures that the team of teachers understands the student and their needs deeply.

I suspect you’ve heard the often quoted notion that raising children takes a village. As an educator, I feel in my bones that every village requires a great school because raising healthy, happy, and purposeful young people is an increasingly challenging endeavor. We believe that the most effective way to engage in this critical work is through partnering with families. This collaboration begins in the admission process.

I offer you this overview of what collaboration means to us at Brewster as an invitation. We are eager to meet with you in person and begin our partnership.