Internationality Week at Eurocolegio Casvi

Once again this year we have celebrated our traditional Internationality Week in Pre-School. This has allowed us to travel, without leaving the school, to many different countries. We are referring to South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Nepal, Philippines, Italy, Canada, and Argentina.

The aim of this Internationality Week has been to awaken the interest of our students in discovering different languages and cultures.

  • They have done this through fun activities that have allowed them to:
  • Discover different nationalities.
  • Find out about their place in the world.
  • Get to know their flags.
  • And, also, their traditions: food, popular games, and dances.

Benefits of the Internationality Week

All the activities carried out and organised by the English Department of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi have brought great benefits. It has helped our Pre-School students to acquire the necessary skills to deal with diversity. Also, to respect differences. And finally, to cooperate to achieve a better world. All of this from an early age.

All of these skills will give them an advantage in their future personal and professional lives.

This Internationality Week has also helped us to get to know our own culture. And of course, to identify with it. This is essential if we want to open up to others and be inclusive.

In this way, we have also managed to foster in them different attributes of the IB profile: solidarity, open-mindedness, integrity…

Internationality at Casvi

In today’s society it’s vital to promote international education. The reason is clear. Today’s students will be the ones who in the future will make the decisions that will mark a globalised society that is already a fact. They will meet and experience different realities, societies and opportunities. To cope successfully, they will require not only languages, but also the skills to understand this diversity, to respect cultural differences and to cooperate with others to achieve a better world.

At Casvi we believe that an education based on internationality is the best inheritance we can give our children. That is why we have been opening the doors to it in our classrooms for some time now. We did this not only with the introduction of activities such as the celebration of the International Week. But also with different methodological tools:

  • Educational Project based on internationality thanks to the International Baccalaureate methodology. In Casvi we offer the IB Continuum (PYP, MYP and Diploma Programme).
  • Multilingualism. In Casvi we teach as a compulsory subject: English from one year old and German and Chinese from 5th Primary School. It is done in small groups and with native and bilingual teachers.
  • Language Exchange Programme. We organise them without any intermediary agency, through direct contact with schools all over the world.
  • Presence in our classrooms of students of different nationalities, who are looking for a linguistic and cultural experience during one or more academic years. Their interaction with our students is constant.

Advantages of International Education

  • Getting to know other languages and cultures (with activities, among others, such as the III Internationality Week) is the best tool to achieve two skills.
  • School integration and, in the future, integration into the workplace.
  • This type of education provides our students with an open mentality that gives them a plus in their aspirations.
  • It also makes it easier for them to continue their higher education at the best universities in the world.
  • The network of international relations that are produced thanks to this international education will be one of the greatest assets in the future of our students.

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