Does Harvard Accept International Baccalaureate (IB)? What is the minimum score accepted?

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Harvard University is one of the most prestigious private universities in America with a history spanning over 300 years. The ivy league institute is one of the most competitive within the USA and the world. Although there are no officially published cut-off points for ivy league schools, there have been general feedback and academic reviews on how IB scores fare in the Harvard enrolment process.

The short answer is that Harvard does take IB scores into consideration. In fact, it is believed that a high scoring IB diploma (DP) correlates well with success in the Harvard application. Non-IB applicants have a 5.1% chance of enrolment as compared to 12.2% for IB DP holders. However, it is important for IB students to score at least 38 points and above if they are aiming for an ivy league school.

Additionally, competitive universities like Harvard emphasize higher level (HL) IB subjects. Candidates should aim for a 6s and 7s for each HL subject. IB students are expected to take a minimum of 3 HL subjects during their program, which introduces them to in-depth elements on a subject matter.

Selective schools such as Harvard usually assess the most challenging classes as a testament to the determination, confidence, and consistency of a student. In most instances, IB courses provide the best proving ground for academic and non-academic excellence.

IB graduates have been prioritized by Havard due to the challenging nature of the IB program, which grooms students into well-rounded individuals. As with all applicants, Havard will take into consideration the overall standing of the candidate, which might include leadership qualities, sporting achievements, letter of recommendation (LOR), the theory of knowledge (TOK), and extended essay scores. Additionally, an entry is often determined by the scores for specific IB subjects according to the specialization of a university course.