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Schools offering the International Baccalaureate Curriculum are very popular in Lower Saxony, Germany. Discover the Best International Baccalaureate Schools in Lower Saxony.

The International Baccalaureate, also called IB, is one of the most popular programs around the world thanks to its international recognition and transferability. Most students love learning in the IB system because it doesn’t just teach students content or knowledge, but it also teaches them how to learn and how to think. Many students describe the IB curriculum as challenging, but rewarding. The PYP is very accessible, as is the MYP. To do the DP students should be prepared to work hard as the IB Diploma prepares students for university.

How to choose an IB School?
The first thing to look for is accreditation. An IB school has to be authorised for each IB programme it provides. When a school is authorised you can be assured that it meets the high standards of the IB worldwide. When choosing an IB school it might be useful to check its average point score for the last academic years and compare them to the global average score, and the average grade.

Would you like to find which are the best IB Schools in Lower Saxony? Follow the links below and find the best schools and all the information you need: tuition fees, exam results, programmes of study on offer, language courses, student-teacher ratios and extra-curricular activities!

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Why Lower Saxony?
Lower Saxony is the country’s second-largest state in size. From the maritime flair of the North Sea islands to the ski slopes of the Harz mountains, the state got it all. Lower Saxony offers bustling metropolitan life in cities such as Hannover, Brunswick and Osnabrück, yet also peace, quiet and relaxation in secluded countryside. And cultural heritage is just as varied as landscapes. Lower Saxony is a modern and high-achieving location for industry and science. And it is a land of innovation, where outstanding research, high-tech advances and high-quality, top-selling products are all found together.

Best IB Schools in Lower Saxony

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