The Best Boarding Schools in Nakuru

The Best International Schools in Nakuru - Kenya - Africa

Boarding Schools are very popular in Nakuru. Discover the Best Boarding Schools in Nakuru.

Why choosing a Boarding School?

Students and parents elect a boarding school for having more challenging academics. While at boarding school students are stimulated intellectually more than they’ve ever been because these schools assure students a full immersion in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. Furthermore, boarding schools traditionally have highly qualified teachers, small classes and heightened interaction between pupils and their docents.

Why choosing a school in Nakuru?

Expats and international families relocating to Nakuru, in Kenya, will be happy to know they are going to live in the cleanest town in Africa. This city offers natural beauties in its surrounding area, such as Nakuru Lake, the great Rift valley, Nakuru national park, Menengai Crater. However, Nakuru is not only unique for its astonishing landscape, but the city is also home to many great learning centers and international schools where children can study internationally recognized programmes such as IB, American Curriculum, British Curriculum while enjoying a good quality of life. Check out the list below and find the Best Boarding Schools in Nakuru!

Best Boarding Schools in Nakuru

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