Student Success is Built on the Pillar of Wellbeing

“I went to school the old way and I turned out just fine!” This is a phrase we hear so often, but is there any truth behind it? So many adults today struggle with facing the rapid rhythm of change, with beliefs learned in the schools of their youth that do not serve them, with their wellbeing. While it is scientifically proven that students’ wellbeing directly impacts the quality of their learning and development, it has hardly made its way into school curriculum until recently.

As fit for future education, Spark Hybrid International High School, understands the importance of wellbeing to learning and has integrated it in the offer put forth for its learners. Spark learners have agency and voice: they choose subjects they are interested in, they are motivated and supported to learn in ways that match their personalities and plans. Alongside their full academic program, full time Spark learners are involved in Global Awareness, Leadership and Wellbeing workshops, guided by individually assigned advisers.

Parents and students alike recognize that learning is about creating a balanced routine, one that involves academics, movement and hobbies and educating the entire person. Everyone understands that learning has to be meaningful and authentic to last.  Spark learners receive regular feedback from their subject tutors and can check in with them often in one to one meetings. They take part in leadership and personal development lessons, guided by their advisers and, at times, by their peers. They participate in or initiate discussion groups and clubs. They receive college admission and career support and participate in wellbeing workshops that prepare them not just for their next school journey but for life.

Spark Hybrid International High School educators understand the importance of wellbeing as a pillar for life-long learning and strive to help learners uncover their strengths and unique paths.  Learning at Spark is built on the three pillars of wellbeing: mental, physical and emotional and does not only address students – their educators and parents are on the learning journey with them.  Healthy relationships with teachers and peers, a deep understanding of one’s own needs and limitations, courage to speak and patience to listen – these are essential tools Spark advisors equip learners with, setting them up for success in a fit for the future education model.  

Spark supports its learners’ wellbeing, it helps them build confidence in their learning, create a balanced life and develop skills that will help them for a lifetime.  Students whose wellbeing is taken into consideration today grow to be the caring and kind adults of tomorrow who will, in turn, change our world for the better. 

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Spark Generation

Spark Generation

Spark School is a hybrid international High School, launched by Transylvania College, offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. We engage students everywhere in the world to discover and nurture their passions, access the knowledge, develop the skills and attitudes to be accomplished, have healthy relationships, and be innovative, global citizens.

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