Nutritional Education

 714-Feat-img-Nutritional-education Nutritional Education

Mealtimes are a time of great concern to us from the day a baby is born. Both parents and educators. That is why, at the schools, nutritional education should have such an important place in the educational model. And, similarly, it does so both inside and outside the classroom and the dining room.

At Casvi we take great care of this, and we do so from an early age. A nutritional education that extends to all stages: PEP (Preschool and Primary), PAI and Diploma Programme (IB).

We do this, for example, with different stimulation workshops in different languages. With them we achieve:

  • Awaken all senses.
  • The necessary motivation to learn new things.
  • Enthusiasm for learning.
  • And a rewarding atmosphere of calm and curiosity.

Tips for efficient nutrition education

Eating, like any other activity, should be approached as a routine full of positive moments for everyone. This action should become a moment of satisfaction and enjoyment. A moment in which social relations are fostered and which we can share with the people we love the most.

In short, an effective nutritional education with which we manage to make our little ones see:

  • That all foods awaken new sensations by providing: colour, variety, textures, and smells.
  • That they can actively participate in the eating process.
  • And that they can be masters of their own learning.

We cannot forget that children do not like all foods the first time they try them. That is why we undertake the following actions that also facilitate a correct nutritional education:

  • We must help them through play and spontaneity to face these new foods.
  • We can also do this by giving them small amounts or, why not, mixing them with their favourite dish.
  • We should not show concern if they do not eat them.
  • And even if they do not, do not stop exposing them to them so that they become familiar with them.
  • We must reinforce, at the same time, the fact of sitting down with a positive attitude.

Thanks to this nutritional education, together, and with patience, we will ensure that they have a fun, varied and healthy diet. Therefore, the most important thing is to get them to try and discover, and then show whether they like it or not. On the other hand, we cannot forget that experimentation is one of the premises of our International Baccalaureate methodology, with the Continuum IB Programmes implemented at Casvi.

How to go further in nutrition education?

Firstly, involving them in the production of these foods by buying the ingredients, preparing them… They can even do it themselves! Not forgetting, of course, to invite them to collaborate in the act of setting and clearing the table or cleaning the dishwasher.

In conclusion, small responsibilities complete their nutritional education and help them develop self-esteem and autonomy. This will later lead them to achieve many more things and overcome many more challenges, both inside and outside their school life.