How Online Schools Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

 1019-Feat-img-How-online-schools-meet-the-needs-of-diverse-learning How Online Schools Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

The Covid-19 pandemic had brought about gradual shifts in our lives since it started, for starters-we were all forced to function like a hermit for about a year, and ever since then our worlds have never been the same. It shifted a chunk of our lives online, right from our grocery shopping to our schools and offices too. Roughly put, it just forced us to learn to adapt at a faster phase without us even realizing it.

Moreover, we also somehow can gather how the world desperately needed a shift. Well, at least when we look at the bright side we will realize how this whole fiasco has brought about definitive inclusion and diversity in all the fields. Take our education system, for instance, it was high time that we needed to move from a system where learning is standardized, to one that addresses the diverse learning needs of each individual, and is flexible enough to enable each learner to progress at their own pace. And online schools are on their pathway to cater to this marvelously by providing personalized learning to thousands of students across the globe.

Let us see some of the ways how online schools meet the need of diverse learners:

Acknowledging cultural differences

From the background to the languages that the students speak and understand, everything is proficiently handled in an online mode of learning. There’s not much of a competition to fit in but rather more acceptance that online learning has brought with itself.

Focusing on learning rather than teaching

Online learning creates an engaging environment for the students. Online schools let the students do their work and create a forum for active learning. By encouraging the active participation of students from across the world, online learning opens up horizons of learning everything and anything that once almost seemed impossible.


One of the things we may think can become challenging, in an online medium, is communication. However, online schools are creating an excellent space for a better communication process between the students and their instructors. They tend to bridge the gap by initiating a comfort space and hence creating better channels for communication.

Practical learning

Online school provides ample opportunities for interaction and a sense of social construction of knowledge among the students. It brings the notion of the diverse needs of different individuals to the table and encourages the enhancement of each of their skills, instead of making them all move in the same direction.

With the competition at its maximum peak and the high-end demand for advanced skills, it is of utmost importance to have an education system that enhances our strengths and helps us to identify the ways to channel them to our maximum potential. Therefore, our education system needs an upgrade and online schools seem to be the right way to move forward. Sure, it has its challenges but looking at the statistics and response that the online schools have been accumulating, it can be safely said that there are more upsides to it. The world has already taken a rotational shift, maybe it’s time for us to do the same.