Challenges of Traditional Schooling

 1018-Feat-img-Challenges-of-traditional-schooling Challenges of Traditional Schooling

No doubt, the traditional education system was the only way of education before. However, as the education of the system and surroundings are evolving, traditional education is becoming more and more challenging. There are several issues with traditional education that may lead to many challenges that were not present at the time it was developed. In simple words, in today’s technology-driven world, traditional education is not enough. In this article, we will discuss some major challenges and problems of traditional education.

Problems of Traditional Education

Following are the major problems of the traditional education system:

Has Become Outdated

The traditional education system might have kept its course materials up to date over the years. However, this system is not the same as it was over a couple of decades ago.

One can imagine the traditional education system as neatly lined benches, teachers providing the same repetitive lecture and expecting each student to perform in the same way, at the same pace and using the same methods as his/her classmates.

No doubt, this system worked fine for the longest time possible, but things don’t work the same way in the modern world. The arrival of the internet and advancements in communication technology along with the increased awareness and different learning styles have stated the need for a modern and more advanced education system.

Not Enough Access to Quality Education and Teachers

There is no hidden fact that not all teachers are equally skilled. In the case of traditional education, the quality of education is compromised to a great extent. To provide the best quality education to students, teachers need to be well-qualified, skilled and updated with modern education trends. Not just that, the curriculum also needs to be updated.

One-size-fits-all Approach

Another problem with the traditional education system is that it offers a one-size-fits-all approach. In other words, it is unable to provide students with a personalized learning experience. They are forced to follow the same pattern and learning style regardless of their interest. This is the mainstream reason why students oftentimes find traditional education boring and uninteresting.

Driven by Fear of Examination

Fear of examinations is the major driving factor of the traditional education system. It is not about love for learning anymore. A majority of students in the traditional classrooms study just to get good grades. They only focus on grades rather than learning.

Poor Teacher-student Ratio

The teacher-student ratio is another major problem of the traditional education system in a huge country like India, where the population is all set to cross 1.3 billion soon. In our country, the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:40, which is 1:10 in the rest of the world.

Non-availability of Skill-based Education

Another problem with traditional schooling is the lack of skill-based and creative education. In this modern world, almost all kinds of professions demand innovation, creative thinking, flexibility and practicality. And, meeting these demands is not possible with the traditional education system.

So, these were a handful of challenges or problems of the traditional education system. These are the major reasons why an efficient and advanced e-learning environment has become a dire need for society.