Boarding Schools in Asia

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Asia contains around 560 boarding schools. They vary greatly when it comes to location, quality, and cost. Take a look at our complete selection of boarding schools below and determine which location is ideal for your child.

Filter the list of boarding schools by country, and from there you can filter based on cost and individual curriculum. You can also find in-depth information about tuition fees, activities offered, exam results, the student-teacher ratio, languages taught and spoken, the total number of students in attendance, and many other details.

Why Asia?
There are plenty of opportunities for students attending boarding schools in Asia. Asia is huge and differs greatly depending on the region. Local languages in Asian countries can be a challenge to learn, but learning languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and others can help a person stand out in the future. Fewer western citizens know Asian languages and the culture, which can give students in Asia an advantage over others when pursuing higher education and entering the job market.

Because of the size and reach of the continent, Asia varies tremendously when it comes to climate. While Southern Asia is often mild to hot in temperature, the far Northeastern regions including Siberia and parts of Russia can get extremely cold. Generally, East Asia’s climate is temperate. There are many beautiful cities in Asia and no shortage of activities for students. There are plenty of beaches, mountains, and other beautiful landscapes along with accessible cities and towns that students can visit via public transportation. Students attending boarding schools in Asia will be able to enjoy a rich multicultural experience in addition to a high-quality education while living in a safe environment.

Asia is known for offering some of the best boarding school experiences. The curricula available to students will include the U.S. Curriculum, U.K. Curriculum, and International Baccalaureate, depending on the school.

Cost of Boarding Schools in Asia
The cost of boarding schools in Asia will depend on the region and the specific school, but costs generally range from $5,000 to $80,000 USD per year. Some of the most expensive areas for education are Japan, China, South Korea, and Singapore. Meanwhile, the cheapest schools are found in countries such as Pakistan, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

It can be difficult finding the right boarding school for your child in a large area like Asia. However, we can help you by connecting you with an education advisor who will provide assistance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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