Boarding Schools in the Middle East

Your Guide to the Best Boarding Schools in the Middle East

There aren’t many boarding schools in the Middle East at this time. While there are only around 30 boarding schools in Middle Eastern countries, some of these schools are known for providing a top-quality education and living experience for students.

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Why the Middle East?
The Middle East is one of the best places for students to experience a culture-rich learning environment. There are plenty of places to see and activities to enjoy for students, whether they’re staying in the United Arab Emirates or another country like Turkey or Israel. Students can enjoy going out to the city with friends, spend time on the beach, or take in the historical architecture that’s found throughout the Middle East.

The most commonly spoken language in the Middle East is Arabic, there are people who also speak Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, and Hebrew. The local language encountered will depend on the region and country. Students can learn these languages in addition to others taught in boarding schools, which may help them in the future.

The climate in the Middle East is largely consistent from country to country, with high temperatures. The two seasons are summer and winter, both of which have warm weather throughout, but summer is considerably hotter. Rainfall is a rarity in the Middle East, with mostly desert and semi-arid land covering the land. However, in some parts of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey near the Mediterranean, the winters can get cold and wet.

The Middle East is known for having some of the best boarding schools, with different curricula to choose from depending on nationality. Students can enroll in the U.K. Curriculum, U.S. Curriculum, or the International Baccalaureate.

Cost of Boarding Schools in the Middle East
The cost of boarding schools in the Middle East varies greatly depending on the location. The price ranges from around $10,000 USD to $75,000 USD. The most expensive boarding schools are located in the UAE, while the cheapest are in Turkey.

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