The Power of Scholarships in high school

Spark Hybrid High School has opened up their round of Scholarship applications for the current academic year – and the spots are limited.

There are 10 scholarships awaiting 10 brave students with a Spark, who will have the flexibility to learn:

  • What they want
  • When they want to
  • From wherever they are
  • Based on our 4 Strands Academic Model ● With 85+ cool international colleagues

If you are interested in applying for a Spark Scholarship but don’t know where to begin, the team even created a guide with the process that people need to follow when applying for a scholarship.

Today they wanted to highlight some of the benefits that scholarships come with – from the perspective and experience of their scholarship recipients directly.

Vlad M. is a Year 11 student at Spark. He is 15 years old, very passionate about technology and engineering, and he is currently developing a robot dog – you can see his process and results directly on his Instagram page:

“In the last 4 years… I designed, 3D printed, assembled, programmed and tested walking robots, cars, drones, planes and many more interesting projects from which I learned a lot about engineering, programming, 3d printing and piloting. Currently, I am building an open-source dynamic robot dog platform for schools and engineering enthusiasts. As you can imagine these types of projects are very important but require a lot of time, so here is where Spark helps me.

With Spark, I can manage my time in such a way that I pass all necessary exams with high grades while also having the necessary time for my projects. Since I’m in control of how I organise my tasks, I can make sure I don’t miss out on any important events. For example, because of Spark, I’ve been able to go practice flying RC planes in the morning or take a break from school for a few days to finish assembling my robot dog prototype.

My goal is to continue my education and learning in one of the best tech universities in Europe in the area of aerospace engineering. Spark makes sure that I pass all the necessary exams with flying colours and that I also have time for my extracurricular projects and activities that will also help me be accepted at an elite university.

It does take a lot of responsibility to sit down and learn some hard or routine subject all by yourself, but if you understand the fact that you’re doing it for your own future then you shouldn’t have any difficulties. Spark is one of the few schools that actually prepares you for the real world, and helps you find a goal in life. I want to be a NASA aerospace engineer, what do you want to become?…”

Vlad recently participated in the “Mission Discovery” summer camp where he had the chance to learn from NASA astronauts. Spark encourages every brave student like Vlad to take chances in shaping their own career path, and they are ready to provide them with the flexibility and support they need in order to get closer to their dreams.

Miruna M. is another Year 11 student at Spark who is the proud recipient of a Spark Scholarship. Miruna’s passion is horse riding. She needed Spark in order to be able to get out there on the field and participate in competitions:

“I had the chance, entirely thanks to Spark, to go and horse ride in other countries at different centres, which would have not been possible in any public school. Precious time, which before I was forced to dedicate to things that weren’t so important to me, is now fully oriented towards the things that I love and enjoy doing.

And probably one of the best parts is that I can follow my dreams without having to reduce the time that I spend studying, and without having to drop my level when it comes to academics.

Spark showed me what being free means, and what it means to be part of a high school that actually cares about your interests and passions. It was the key that opened a very important door for me, the door that leads to me being able to horse ride and excel in this domain.”

Hobbies can’t be practised if students suffer from a lack of time. Sports competitions can’t be attended when the school requires students to not miss classes. And dreams cannot be achieved if students don’t get the necessary support and flexibility from their surroundings.

The 10 scholarships awarded by Spark School are 10 chances for 10 students to experience a different, unique kind of education, with a personalised learning path and lots of support to become well-rounded individuals by the time they graduate.

Miruna and Vlad are just some of the real-life examples that prove the importance of scholarships in the life of high school students. While each student may have different dreams, they all have one thing in common – the need for support to achieve their dreams.

Apply for a Spark Scholarship today and start acting towards your dream – only 2 weeks left until applications close.

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Spark Generation

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