The Best International Schools in Athens

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International Schools are very popular in Athens. Discover Best International Schools in Athens.

Why choosing an International School?

Finding the right school for your child when relocating abroad is one of the major concerns for many parents. If your family is moving to another country, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a wide range of international private schools to choose from. These schools will give your child the opportunity to choose between different programs and curricula such as the British Curriculum, the American Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate – IB.

Are there international schools in Athens?

Athens is the birthplace of democracy with deep roots in history and culture. Its welcoming and vibrant society offer international families and students a unique cultural experience in a beautiful environment. Students who register in an international Schools in Athens will have the possibility to study prestigious curricula and to obtain an internationally recognized certification.

Why choosing a school in Athens?

Athens, with a population making up nearly half of the entire country, is a vibrant and busy city, especially in the center, which is where most companies headquarters and government organizations are based. The capital of Greece, with its Mediterranean climate and its beautiful architecture, offers a variety of sightseeing options and weekend getaways for art, nature and food lovers. Furthermore, the cost of living in Athens is cheaper than in many other European capitals.

Best International Schools in Athens

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