The Best International Schools in Argentina

The Best International Schools in Argentina
May 1, 2018

International Schools are very popular in Argentina. Discover The Best International Schools in Argentina.

Study in Argentina

Argentina is a big country in South America filled with natural wealth. The Argentine standard of living is the highest in Latin America.
Studying in Argentina can give your children a great experience of Latin America, which will certainly be useful later in their work.

In Argentina we speak Spanish. The Spanish of the Argentinians is very different at the level of the grammar, expressions and constructions of sentences. For those who would have learned to speak Spanish in Spain, a slight adaptation will be necessary.

Studying in Argentina will allow you to get a taste of this culture but it is by traveling that you will be able to appreciate the diversity that this country presents. From the plains of the central plains to the glaciers of Patagonia you will find lots of ethnic diversity and way of life.

Of course the country also has great cultural wealth in terms of cooking, music, arts and entertainment …

It is certainly not in Argentina that you will be short of ideas to go out and discover this other culture.

Universities have a good reputation internationally. Even if they are not equivalent to European or American universities, they continue to attract more and more foreign students each year.

You will need to be careful about the dates. As Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, studying in Argentina will require flexibility in terms of dates and you may be at risk of losing a semester if you want to study there for a whole year.

Our selection of the Best International Schools in Argentina

Northlands School, Olivos

Northlands School, Olivos

Northlands School is a co-educational, non-denominational bilingual school in Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina ...
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St Mary's International College

St Mary’s International College

ExcellenceThe inner wealth of man and the complex, changing and globalized world in which we live, expect from our educational centers something more than a transmission of knowledge.DisciplineThe technical-pedagogical team ...
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St Matthew's College, Sede Fundadora

St Matthew’s College, Sede Fundadora

St. Matthew’s College is a lay, coeducational, bilingual school which consists of Kindergarten, Junior, Middle and Senior School. The school has approximately 500 students and its campus stands in the ...
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St Patrick's School

St Patrick’s School

It is an educational institution whose principles are derived from the consideration of human development as the central axis for the fulfillment of its educational mission understood as such, the ...
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