De beste internationale scholen in Argentinië

Best Schools in Argentina
Internationale scholen zijn erg populair in Argentinië. Ontdek de beste internationale scholen in Argentinië.

Waarom kiezen voor een internationale school in Argentinië?

Argentina is a fascinating, diverse and culturally rich country, the second largest country in South America. The country is known for both its European influences and its traditional countryside life and values of the Gauchos (Argentinean cowboys). The country is becoming a popular expatriate and retirees destination attracted by its more relaxed lifestyle and pleasant environment. Expatriates can find both public and private health services. Private healthcare here is also low in price when compared to other expatriate destinations. Families with school-age children can enroll their children in both public and private educational institutions. Of course, in the second ones the standard of education is higher and internationally recognized.

Beste internationale scholen in Argentinië

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