The Best German Schools in Asia

German Schools are very popular in Asia. Discover Best German Schools in Asia.

Why choosing a German School?

German schools offer education to German standards in many countries around the world, there, children from Germany and pupils from other countries can obtain German or international qualifications. The majority of the schools are bilingual and they not only provide and enhance academic knowledge and language skills but also place great importance on intercultural exchanges and promote partnerships with schools in Germany. Qualifications from German schools abroad are known worldwide for their high standards.

Which are German Schools-leaving qualifications?

German schools in Asia are open not only to chil­dren of Ger­mans work­ing abroad but also to pupils from other countries. These schools offer a variety of qualifications such as the German “Abitur”, the international Abitur (DIAP), the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the Bilingual International Baccalaureate (BIB). Find out which are the best German Schools abroad in the list below!

How is it to study in Asia?

Asia provides a wealth of ancient and modern Eastern culture. It is the biggest continent on Earth and it compasses over 50 countries, each of them characterized by a unique culture. Its economy is the most dynamic in the world and it presents endless opportunities for expat families. Studying in Asia is also a unique chance to get in touch with its cultural diversity in terms of ethnicity, culture, history, economy, and environment and experiencing its vibrant atmosphere while studying in one of the best German Schools in the world is a golden opportunity.

Best German Schools in Asia

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