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Copenhagen International School
Copenhagen, Denmark
International School of Beijing
Beijing, PRC
With a non-profit model, research-based approach to education, and world-class facilities on our beautiful campus, ISB ensures our students can achieve impressive outcomes ...
Zurich International School
Wadenswil, Switzerland
Zurich International School: A leading non-profit day school for local & expat children aged 3-18 in Switzerland. Instruction in English; additional bilingual English/G...

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All about primary schools

A primary school or elementary school is a school for primary education of children who are 5-6 to 11-12 years of age. Primary education at primary school or elementary school, and sometimes in the early years of middle school. Primary schooling follows pre-school and precedes secondary schooling.

What are primary schools?

Primary school, also known as elementary school, is a term used to describe educational institutions which provide instruction for students aged between 5 and 11. It typically preceded by nursery or kindergarten and serves as the first stage of compulsory education.

It typically includes a curriculum of academic subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics and science.

The Benefits of attending primary schools

Attending a private primary school can offer many benefits, including:

  • Smaller class sizes, leading to increased individual attention from teachers
  • An enriched curriculum, often with added extracurricular activities such as music and art
  • Highly qualified teachers with up-to-date knowledge in their subject areas
  • Access to the latest educational technology and active learning techniques
  • A more structured and supportive environment which promotes personal development