5 Ideas on How to Use Parent Reviews to Boost School Enrollment

Do you want to showcase the great feedback you have received about your school but are worried about coming across as self-promoting? This article outlines five ways to highlight your achievements without being perceived as self-praising.

At World Schools, we are continuously working on improving our website, increasing traffic, and enhancing our members’ profiles. However, we frequently receive questions about what schools should do with parent reviews. We understand that schools may have concerns about how to handle parent reviews. We hope our article will provide some valuable ideas. Please keep reading to discover our top five ideas to share your school’s positive parent reviews.

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1. Maximize the impact of your testimonials through multi-platform sharing

If you want to promote your school in a positive way, but without appearing too self-promoting, then the best thing to do is to share your testimonials on other platforms such as World Schools. By sharing feedback from satisfied parents who have had a positive experience with your educational institution, you can help prospective parents and students get a better understanding of the quality of education and services that your school provides. This can also help to increase the visibility of your testimonial across the globe.

At world-schools.com, we understand how crucial it is to manage reviews effectively. That’s why we take care of everything for you. Our team of experts will handle your profile and ensure that only those testimonials that you have approved are published. This process ensures that you have complete control over the content that appears on your profile.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of testimonials you can share. We encourage you to share as many as you want to let the world know about the quality of education that your school provides. So, create your profile today and start sharing your success stories with the world.

 Profile-Review-parents 5 Ideas on How to Use Parent Reviews to Boost School Enrollment
Share your parent and student testimonials on many platforms

2. Share Video Reviews on Social Media

Are you aware that reviews can have a significant impact on people’s opinions and decisions, especially when it comes to choosing a school? According to a recent study by Adobe, reviews are the second most popular type of content on TikTok, with 39% of users preferring them.

If you have videos of parents or students sharing their experiences at your school, you’re in luck! You can use these videos repeatedly to create multiple posts across all your channels. Here are some inspiring examples of using one video interview to create various videos for all your channels:

  • Youtube, main promotional video: To enhance the impact of your main promotional video, it is advisable to carefully select and integrate the most compelling phrases that were spoken during the video interview. These phrases could be insightful, memorable, or emotional, and they should be relevant to the subject matter of your promotional video. By incorporating these phrases, you can make your video more engaging and persuasive to the audience, and leave a lasting impression on them. However, it is important to ensure that the phrases are seamlessly integrated into the video, and do not disrupt the flow or coherence of the overall message.
  • Youtube, playlists: Consider creating a playlist of interviews with your school’s students and parents on YouTube. Share this playlist with prospective families in your admission email funnel. You can send them the link to the playlist and also identify which family you interviewed shares the most similar interests with the prospective family. This will show that you understand their specific needs and that they could meet like-minded, happy families in your school.
  • Youtube shorts, Instagram reels, Tiktok: If you want to increase the visibility of your interviews on social media, one effective strategy is to create short videos that feature the most compelling and noteworthy moments from the interviews. By cutting the best parts of the interviews into 20-30 second video clips, you can create engaging content that can be shared across popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.To further optimize your reach, you may want to consider adding subtitles or even translating the videos into different languages. This can help you to connect with a wider audience and make your content more accessible to people across different countries and cultures. Here’s an example of a video interview we create for premium members of world schools, optimized for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.

  • Instagram stories & highlights If you would like to use the highlights feature on your Instagram account, why not create highlights that mirror your website menu? For instance, you could create a “Sports” highlight that showcases shots of students participating in various sports offered by your school. You can mix shots of students with interviews, such as sharing a student’s success story in a competition. Additionally, you can highlight a student explaining how your school aided them in discovering a new sport they are passionate about.

If you don’t have a video testimonial, don’t worry – you can still create short videos for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube using text testimonials. Simply create a video with fixed text and add a background video. This could be anything from your school to a pretty landscape, as long as the text is readable. Crafting a perfect synergy between your message, visuals, and music is the key to success. Although text-based videos may not have the same impact as a video interview, sharing a review reel can still help you reach a wider audience and spread the word about the great things parents and students say about your school. And, if you have a Pinterest account, you can even share your video there! Check out this example of how to turn a testimonial into a video. For another example on Pinterest, click here.

3. Enhance Your Success stories with testimonials

In order to make your school’s success stories stand out, it’s important to supplement them with testimonials from satisfied students and parents. One effective way to share your school’s achievements is by posting them on external platforms such as world-schools.com. By doing this, you can reach a wider audience of prospective students, parents, and educators.

When sharing your school’s successes, be sure to highlight specific achievements, such as outstanding A-level or diploma results or your students’ victories in local competitions. To make these stories more impactful, you should also include relevant feedback or experiences from students or parents within the text. This not only adds credibility to your success stories but also personalizes them, making them more relatable to your audience.

 Parent-Review-Success-1 5 Ideas on How to Use Parent Reviews to Boost School Enrollment

Including testimonials from students and parents can also help to build trust in your school and its abilities. When prospective students and their families see that current students and parents are happy with their experiences, they are more likely to consider your school as a viable option for their education.

Adding testimonials to your school’s success stories is an effective way to make them more impactful and trustworthy. By sharing these stories on external platforms and including relevant feedback or experiences, you can attract prospective students and parents to your school and help to build a positive reputation in the education community.

4. Create custom testimonial images

Testimonials are an excellent way to showcase the positive feedback you have received from your parents or students. However, creating an image with your testimonial can take it to the next level by generating excellent content that can be shared on various social media platforms. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great for sharing visual content, and creating images of your testimonials can help you stand out from the crowd.

Pinterest is an exciting platform to share your testimonial images because the audience is highly relevant. If you optimize your posts correctly, they can drive traffic and generate interest in your brand for years to come. Another significant advantage of Pinterest is that performing pins don’t disappear like on Instagram. Thus, you don’t need to generate fresh content to remain visible on Pinterest constantly.

If you don’t have any design budget, you can still create stunning testimonial images using free tools and testimonial templates available on Canva. Canva offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of free customizable templates that make producing images a breeze. With Canva, you can create high-quality, professional-looking testimonial images to make your brand stand out on social media.

Example of testimonial style for pinterest

5. Ask parents to leave a review on Google

One of the best ways to attract potential students to your school is by having positive reviews on Google. As a school leader, you can always remind parents to leave a review on Google when they are pleased with your services. This can be beneficial in building credibility and gaining new families.
To make the process easier for parents, you can share a direct link via email, which will take them directly to the review page. Here is how you can find the link:

  1. First, sign in to your Local Services Ads account. If you don’t have one, create one.
  2. Once you are signed in, select the menu Nav icon in the page’s top left corner.
  3. From there, click on Business Verification.
  4. Next, select Customer Reviews.
  5. Under “Get verified reviews (optional),” click See link options.
  6. You can choose the desired vanity link you want to share.
  7. Finally, click the Select Review link to get the direct URL, which you can copy and share with your families.

Sharing a link with happy parents can help them leave a review of your school on Google. Reviews can be valuable for your business, so don’t hesitate to ask willing families for them. It can also help other parents looking for an excellent school to enroll their children.

We sincerely hope that you have found this article to be valuable in generating ideas for utilizing your parent testimonials. As a team, our objective in writing this piece was to assist any school marketing professional searching for fresh and innovative ideas.

We are genuinely interested in your feedback! Was this article helpful to you? Did you find the ideas presented practical and applicable to your situation? We welcome any feedback and would love to hear your thoughts.

Furthermore, we always look for ways to improve and expand our content. If you have any suggestions for additional topics that you would like us to cover, please do not hesitate to let us know. We value your opinion and are eager to hear from you.

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