Catholic Schools in the UK

If you are planning to relocate to the United Kingdom with your children and seeking private Catholic schools that provide exceptional education while adhering to Catholic values, we can provide you with valuable assistance. The United Kingdom is home to approximately 2122 Catholic schools, and the top private Catholic schools offer a comprehensive education that encompasses high-quality academic curricula, extensive opportunities for spiritual growth, and character development. Below is a curated list of top private Catholic schools in the UK that meet these criteria. Our selection includes institutions that are renowned for their academic excellence, commitment to Catholic values, and nurturing environments that foster the holistic development of children.

St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy

Top school in England, UK

St. Benet Biscop Catholic Academy is a Roman Catholic high school in Bedlington, Northumberland, England. It is the only Catholic high school in the county.

Top school in London, UK

London Christian School is an independent primary school located in London that provides an exceptional educational experience for children. Established in September 2007, the school started with just four pupils; today, it has flourished and has 120 pupils across eight classes, aged from 3 to 11 years old. The school's carefully crafted curriculum is built around traditional Biblical Christian values and understanding of the world and human nature. This ensures that students learn in a nurturing environment, where they feel safe and happy. The curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of each child, and the small class sizes allow for personalized attention and differentiated learning.

Parents have shared their extremely positive experiences with London Christian School. They have praised the school's faith-based ethos and nurturing atmosphere that fosters a collective spirit of kindness and collaboration. The teachers are nice, yet demanding, and they teach very well, creating a balance between strong academics, sport, music, and extra-curricular activities. The school has a strong religious underpinning that manifests in the principles and values of the school, rather than through imposed dogma, creating a happy balance that is evident in the mix of Christian and non-Christian families happily sending their children to the school.

The school is located in the "inner south east" London area, making it accessible for parents and students living in the area or working around London Bridge or the City. The school has cleverly carved out spaces for the children to play outdoors and has an arrangement with the local authority in relation to other play/sports spaces. The school makes the best possible use of the rooftop playground and the nearby council park and astroturf, with the older children heading out to the local facilities daily for a run around. However, the school's central location means that sports fields are not on-site.

In summary, London Christian School is an excellent school that provides a personal and caring education for children, with strong Christian values that respect other religions and beliefs. The school has a fantastic community of families and teachers, and it is located in a great area for parents and students. The school has managed the Covid-19 challenges well and can be trusted to deliver a fantastic educational experience, ensuring no child gets left behind.

Top school in Hampshire, England

St. Michael's School is a traditional Catholic school that offers a strong Catholic education for children. It is located in Newbury RG20 9JW, United Kingdom, and is run by the Society of St. Pius X. The school welcomes all families who seek a faithful education to the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church in union with the Catholic Hierarchy.

St. Michael's School has a mixed junior day school and boys senior school with boarding. It also offers full boarding or weekly boarding options for children. The weekly boarding fee is £860 per term.

The school's primary and prep school is for boys and girls, while the secondary school (year 9 onwards) is for boys. Additionally, there is a boarding house for boys from year 7 onwards.

The school's aims and ethos are simple: to educate children in virtue (ordinatio rationis ad bonum) in a happy and safe environment, to educate children to fulfill their academic and physical potential, and to educate children for their vocation in society, as future fathers, mothers, religious, or single and celibate.

Parents are enthusiastic about the school, stating that it combines a great secular education with high moral standards and equips children with a true understanding of the Catholic faith. Overall, St. Michael's School is a beautiful country setting that offers a strong Catholic education for children.