Catholic Schools in Massachusetts

If you are a family residing or planning to move to Massachusetts and seeking a high-quality Catholic education for your child, you may want to consider enrolling them in one of the top private Catholic schools in the country. These schools offer a comprehensive education with a strong academic curriculum, as well as numerous opportunities for spiritual growth and character development. Your child will be taught by experienced and dedicated teachers who are deeply committed to Catholic values and teachings. Below is a list of some of the best private Catholic schools in Massachusetts that you can choose from to give your child an enriching and fulfilling learning experience.

lexington-christian-academy-cover-photo lexington-christian-academy-cover-photo Lexington Christian Academy lexington-christian-academy-cover-photo Catholic Schools in Massachusetts | The 2024 List

Lexington Christian Academy

Top school in Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington Christian Academy is an independent, co-ed, college preparatory, day and boarding school educating students in grades 6-12 in Lexington, MA. Founded in 1946, Lexington Christian Academy provides exceptional academic preparation that nurtures the whole person: heart, mind, body and soul. Since then, LCA has operated with the belief that faith and learning are key and inseparable components of Christian education. A deep quest for truth and knowledge, paired with critical thinking are made complete, not compromised, by a sincere faith. We believe a great education is one that cultivates the whole person– Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul.