Best Bilingual Schools in Germany

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Are you a parent interested in a bilingual school in Germany? Discover the Best Bilingual Schools in Germany and why bilingual education is a great option for your child’s education.

Why choosing a bilingual school?
Children learn more in their first 2,000 days than in any other six-year period in their life. Studies have shown that children who are educated in a multilingual setting are more apt to learn new languages later on in life. Multilingual minds have been found to be more nimble and adaptable, they are better problem solvers and have better memories. Their ability for planning, impulse, focus and learning to discard irrelevant information is enhanced. The bilingual brain is more flexible, it switches back and forth between two languages and allows children to think and speak in each language versus translating between languages.

Why Germany?
As a founding member of the European Union, Germany is placed—both literally and figuratively—right in the very center of Europe. It is one of the biggest economies in the world and one of the most important industrialized countries. It is a safe and politically and economically stable country. Germany is open to the world, multicultural and a good place to live, with an economy is growing at a sound rate and a job market that is in good shape. And there are plenty of reasons for Germany being the second most popular travel destination in Europe after Spain, attracting more than 60 million tourists every year.

There are about 120 million native German speakers, making German the most frequently spoken mother tongue of the European Union and one of the most important languages in the world. German is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland.

Culture in Germany is not just about big classics of philosophy and literature. The country features dynamic culture and art scenes. There are about 126.000 theater presentations and 9.000 concerts in Germany every year, which are attended by about 35 million people. There is a broad range to choose from as there are about 820 theaters, musical theaters and operas – the Stuttgart National Opera, the Hamburg National Opera and the Frankfort Opera are among the most prestigious houses in the world.

Best Bilingual Schools in Germany