Best American Schools in Germany

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American schools in Germany are popular among both local and international families who seek an international education with a US national curriculum.

Why choose the American Curriculum in Germany?

The American curriculum offers a comprehensive and balanced pedagogical approach, along with various co-curricular activities that equip students with skills required in all subject areas. International schools across the world use the US curriculum, which is based on high standards of achievement. Students who complete the program receive a diploma that qualifies them for admission into all US universities and increasingly into universities worldwide.

Germany is a founding member of the European Union and is situated in the heart of Europe, which makes it one of the most important industrialized countries globally. It is a safe, politically and economically stable country with a growing economy and a good job market. Germany is multicultural, open to the world, and the second most popular tourist destination in Europe, after Spain. German is the most frequently spoken mother tongue of the European Union, and approximately 120 million people speak it. German is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland.

Culture in Germany is diverse and dynamic, and not limited to philosophy and literature. Every year, there are approximately 126,000 theatre presentations and 9,000 concerts in Germany, attracting around 35 million people. The country boasts about 820 theatres, musical theatres, and operas, with some of the most prestigious ones being the Stuttgart National Opera, the Hamburg National Opera, and the Frankfort Opera.

If you’re looking for the best American schools in Germany, you can check out our selection below. You can view complete profiles, read reviews from real students and parents, and contact admission directors quickly.

Best American Schools in Germany

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