Best American Schools in Dusseldorf

Best American Schools in Dusseldorf best-american-schools-dusseldorf The Best American Schools in Dusseldorf | World Schools

American schools situated in Düsseldorf, Germany, are highly coveted by international families seeking an exceptional education system. These institutions provide a comprehensive curriculum that equips students for admission to top-notch schools, colleges, and universities in the United States and worldwide.

Why choose the American Curriculum in Dusseldorf?

The American curriculum is renowned for its holistic approach to education, which involves a broad and balanced curriculum and is supplemented by a diverse range of extracurricular activities that help students develop skills across all subject areas. The program is focused on achieving high standards of excellence, making it one of the most popular programs in international schools.

Düsseldorf is internationally recognized as a hub for business and finance, renowned for its thriving fashion industry and trade fairs. It is also a leading center for telecommunications and is home to a thriving Japanese community. The city boasts a prestigious fine arts academy and has played a significant role in the development of electronic and experimental music. According to Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living survey, Düsseldorf is ranked sixth globally, making it an ideal location for international students.

If you are interested in finding the best American schools in Düsseldorf, peruse our selection below. You can explore complete profiles, peruse reviews from real students and parents and quickly get in touch with admission directors.

Best American Schools in Dusseldorf

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