The Best Boarding Schools in Penang

The Best Boarding Schools on Penang Island The Best Boarding Schools on Penang Island The Best Boarding Schools in Penang

Learn more about the benefits of choosing Penang for a boarding school as well as which are the Best Boarding Schools in the region of Penang.

Choosing Penang for a Boarding School Education

Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Penang is a blend of history and modernity. Students are given the opportunity to experience the richness of Malaysian culture, with all its modern conveniences. From the historical sites and bustling markets to modern facilities, this region offers a holistic environment for students to explore and learn.

A Strong Community Sense

The sense of community is one of the essential benefits of schooling at a boarding school in Penang. The spirit of community here is enacted by boarding schools that afford students and teachers the opportunity to live and learn together. This conducive environment can be used to develop strong, lifelong friendships, developing a network of relations that become a second family. The sense of belonging and support acts as a prerequisite toward personal development and success in studies.

Why Choose a Boarding School?

Boarding schools provide a structured and continued learning environment. There are fewer distractions than day schools, and therefore, students are in a much better position to focus on their studies. The dedicated time for academics, plus access to teachers and resources on a 24/7 basis, helps a student reach full potential. This focused setting encourages discipline, responsibility, and a strong work ethic.

The Best Boarding Schools in Penang 2024

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    • location POWIIS Balik Pulau, 1 Jalan Sungai Air Putih 6, Bandar Baru Air Putih, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia
    Prince of Wales Island International School

    Welcome to Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS). We offer a broad and balanced education based on a British-style curriculum for students aged 3 to 19.

    gender Co-Education
    1000 students
    day boarding Day & Boarding School
    curriculum British Curriculum
    min fee From 30.000 to 60.000 MYR
    min fee From 3 to 19 yo


With a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, Penang is an ideal place for education at a boarding school. It’s an academic environment where focus on studies and holistic development helps students develop all the tools necessary to succeed. With so much on offer, a boarding school in Penang promises an enriching and supportive environment that is hard to find anywhere else. Feel free to explore further our collection consisted of the Best Boarding Schools in Asia.