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Top unique co-ed schools worldwide

Parents and students agree: these co-ed schools have a lot to offer
École Jeannine Manuel Paris
Paris, France
École Jeannine Manuel is a French, bilingual and international K-12 school founded in 1954. It welcomes over 2400 students of over different 80 nationalities and offers bot...
Lakefield College School
Toronto, Canada
Established in northeastern Ontario in 1879, Lakefield College School provides a world-renowned co-educational day and boarding school experience for Grades 9 through 12.
Regents International School Pattaya
Pattaya, Thailand
About Our School Regents International School Pattaya is like no other school in Thailand.

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All about co-ed schools

The topic of education and gender is concerning many schools and parents. The educational sector plays a crucial role in shaping gender representations, attitudes and behaviours.

What are co-ed schools?

Co-ed schools are schools that provide education for both boys and girls in the same environment. Co-ed schools promote learning and socialization among students of different genders, which helps foster an inclusive and non-discriminatory atmosphere.

The Benefits of attending co-ed schools

There are many benefits to attending a co-ed school. Here are some of them:

  1. Exposure to different perspectives – Co-ed schools provide students with the opportunity to learn from peers from different backgrounds and understand different points of view.
  2. Improved social skills – Interacting with classmates of the opposite sex can help improve communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.
  3. Enhanced academic performance – Studies have shown that students who attend co-ed schools typically perform better academically than those in single-sex schools, due to improved learning strategies and support systems that exist in co-ed settings.
  4. Increased career opportunities – In today’s competitive job market, it is important for students to be well-rounded individuals who can adjust to different social situations quickly and effectively. Attending a co-ed school could give you an advantage when it comes to landing your dream job.

How to find co-ed schools?

Are you searching for a great co-ed school? With so many schools to choose from it can be difficult to identify the ideal school for your child. We can guide you in the right direction with our handpicked selection of top schools below. When viewing each school, you will be able to see and filter plenty of information to help you choose the best school, including cost, location, tuition fees, student-teacher ratios, activities, facilities the school offers to students, and more.