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International Center of European ...
Thonon-les-Bains, France
Welcome to Europe’s top-rated football boarding school for elite international student-athletes.

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All about All-Boys schools

Boys-only schools have been around for hundreds of years, with the first recorded boys-only school dating back to the 12th century in Italy. In the United States, the first all-boys school was established in 1763 by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. Over time, more and more all-boys schools were founded throughout the country. Today, there are many well-known all-boys schools located throughout the world.

What are All-Boys schools?

A boys school is typically referred to as an all-boys school, a single-sex boys school, or a private boys school. It is an educational institution specifically designed to provide educational opportunities for male students, without any female peers present in the classroom.

The Benefits of attending All-Boys schools

Attending a boys-only school offers several benefits, such as increased teacher attention, fewer distractions, an emphasis on academic achievement and creative problem solving, as well as better social engagement and collaboration among peers.

Attending an all-boys school can be incredibly beneficial for students, as it provides a supportive and encouraging environment for boys to learn and grow in. Boys attending all-boys schools tend to express and engage more readily, feel less intimidated in the classroom, and have improved social skills. Boys may also benefit from increased focus on STEM subjects and other areas traditionally associated with males.

In addition, studies have found that students who attend all-boys schools demonstrate higher levels of educational achievement than students at coed schools.

How to find All-Boys schools?

Are you searching for a great All-Boys school? With so many schools to choose from it can be difficult to identify the ideal school for your child. We can guide you in the right direction with our handpicked selection of top schools below. When viewing each school, you will be able to see and filter plenty of information to help you choose the best school, including cost, location, tuition fees, student-teacher ratios, activities, facilities the school offers to students, and more.