The Best British Schools in Central and South America

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British Schools are very popular in Central and South America. Discover Best British Schools in Central and South America.

Why choosing the British Curriculum?

British education has achieved a strong reputation for quality, and it is respected and highly recognized all over the world. The National Curriculum of England – also commonly referred to as the “UK Curriculum” or “British Curriculum” is the first choice for many families. The British curriculum has a very structured program and one of the biggest benefits it offers to students is that it allows them to move seamlessly from country to country or back to the UK while receiving a world-class education and qualifications that are recognized and highly valued by universities around the world.

Why choosing a school in Central America?

As the connector of the Northern and the Southern part of the American continent, Central America is one of the most multicultural regions worldwide. Central American countries enjoy an amazing biodiversity. International families moving to Central America will enjoy its biodiversity together with its tropical climate, its astonishing landscapes, its precious traditions and a wide range of British Schools. Check the list below and find the perfect one for your children!

Why choosing a school in South America?

South America is a continent with incredible geographical and cultural diversity, where over 200,000 American expatriates currently live. Brazil and Argentina own the region’s most prosperous economies and host the largest number of American expatriates. Other popular locations for expats are Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and recently Colombia. There are many things that make Latin America a good choice: sunny weather, laidback lifestyle, lower cost of living, beautiful beaches, etc. Check the list below and find the perfect British school for your children!

Best British Schools in Central and South America

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