THINK Global School

THINK Global School

How Shiva and Brahma Taught Me to Be a Skeptical Believer

During her recent term in Mumbai, India, THINK Global School student Julia G. discovered newfound understandings while learning about revered…

23 Feb 2018

THINK Global School

Finding My Voice: Reflecting on My Travel-Filled Teenage Years

The following reflection was written by Class of 2018 student Jessica Meniere. At sixteen, I’ve made a hobby out of…

11 Sep 2017

THINK Global School

Changemakers in a divided world

We live in a world where car bomb blasts force a routine ring upon Afghan ears, where American congressmen applaud…

30 Jul 2017

THINK Global School

My mind is like this room: reflections on Morocco

I often catch myself thinking: ”None of this is real.” It becomes a mantra. A heuristic of sorts. I’m in…

22 May 2017

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