Производство видео для школ

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools in a school’s arsenal, and video production can help increase admissions by telling your story in a compelling way. Let’s take a look at how video production can increase admissions for schools.

The Benefits of Video Production for Schools

Video production offers schools many advantages when it comes to increasing admissions. First, video content is highly shareable on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, allowing schools to reach a wider audience than with traditional methods. Additionally, videos allow schools to showcase their unique offerings in an engaging and eye-catching way that will captivate viewers. Finally, videos are more likely to be remembered than written content—so prospects are more likely to remember your school after watching a promotional video than after reading text on your website or brochure.

What Types of Videos Should Schools Create to increase admissions?

There are several types of videos that are effective for increasing school enrollments. But what kind of videos should you be producing? Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of promotional videos used by schools today.

School Film

This is the type of film you would use to tell your school story in a nutshell. You could include interviews with the headmaster, teachers, and students talking about why they love attending the school, as well as footage from around campus showcasing its features and amenities. This type of video will give potential students and their families an in-depth look at what your school has to offer so they can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for them.
Example of school film realised by World Schools Video Production for St Stephen’s School, Rome

Meet the Head

This type of video allows you to turn your headmaster’s welcome into a more personal experience. Instead of just reading a written statement, potential students can get to know your headmaster in person through this video format. This type of video can help create a sense of connection between your school and those considering enrolling their student there.

Showcase Films

These types of films are great for highlighting an aspect of your school like a department, bursary or initiative that sets it apart from other schools. By creating these showcase films, you can provide potential students with detailed information about what makes your school unique and how they could benefit from enrolling there.

Example of showcase film realised by World Schools Video Production for Yongsan International School of Seoul

Student's Story

What better way to learn about the school than through the pupil’s eyes? With this type of video, you can let current students talk about their experiences at your school—their favorite classes, extracurricular activities, etc.—so potential students get an authentic look at what life is like there on any given day.

Example of student story realised by World Schools Video Production

World Schools Video Production

When it comes to increasing enrollment at your school, video production can provide you with an invaluable tool that can help you reach more prospective students and families than ever before. With its high shareability on social media platforms, its ability to tell your story in an engaging way, and its capacity for being remembered longer than written content—video production is truly an essential part of any successful school marketing strategy today. Are you ready to start leveraging it? Reach out today for more information about our packages!

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