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Munich is an excellent destination for families looking for boarding schools. The city is home to prestigious institutions, each with a unique approach to education. Boarding schools in Munich offer an excellent educational choice for families who want to provide their children with a top-quality education.

Munich is also an excellent place for students to live. According to a study by, Munich has been ranked the best student city in Germany. Students love the cultural diversity, world-class museums, beautiful old towns, large opera houses, food markets, and vibrant neighborhoods.

In addition to its cultural offerings, Munich is also a hub for sports and outdoor activities. The city hosted the XX Summer Olympic Games in 1972 and still uses the sports venues. Since the FIFA World Cup in 2005, there’s also the soccer stadium Allianz Arena. Munich is also an excellent place for winter sports. It even applied as a candidate for the Winter Olympics in 2018. Munich would have been the first city in the world to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics. This diversity makes doing or watching sports in Munich an exceptional experience.

Munich offers a variety of sports activities, including soccer, hiking, ice skating, sledding, swimming, biking, pedal boating, and even river surfing. Swimming opportunities range from smaller lakes like the Fasaneriesee to the huge Starnberger See, just a short ride outside Munich. Biking all over the city is convenient, and in the English Garden, you can rent a Pedal Boat to have a fun time on the Kleinhesseloher See. Munich is also a significant hotspot for river surfing, an exhilarating but cold experience, as the Eisbach never has more than 16-17°C even on the hottest summer days.

In conclusion, Munich is an excellent destination for families looking for boarding schools. The city offers prestigious institutions with a wide range of curricula to prepare students for the global world. Munich is also a great place to experience, with its cultural diversity, beautiful buildings, world-class museums, vibrant neighborhoods, and outdoor activities.

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Best Boarding Schools in Munich

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