The Best Boarding Schools in South Korea

Boarding Schools are very popular in South Korea. Discover The Best Boarding Schools in South Korea.

Why choosing a Boarding School?
Students and parents initially choose a boarding school for more challenging academics. Students are stimulated intellectually in ways they never were before in their schools. A boarding school ensures that students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. A class size of 12 is the average at most boarding schools. Students are encouraged to think and share. They actively participate in their learning. Teachers live on campus and are available for extra help after the school day ends.
Study in South Korea
South Korea is special, because private schools are divided in international and foreign schools. Both international and foreign schools are a popular choice for expat families. Foreign schools are specifically for international students and limit enrolment of ethnic South Koreans to 30% of the total student population, while International schools are open to everyone.

Our selection of the Best Boarding Schools in South Korea

Dwight School Seoul

Dwight School Seoul

Dwight School Seoul opened in August 2012 with Dwight School campuses in New York, USA; London, UK; Vancouver Island, Canada and Shanghai, China. Students in Seoul and across our international ...
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