Top 3 British A-Level Online Schools in the World

Best British A-Level Online Schools in the World Best British A-Level Online Schools in the World Top 3 British A-Level Online Schools in the World | World Schools

As students, parents, and educators begin to see the value of online education, more and more schools are choosing to move online. Take a look at what makes online schools a great choice!

Students who choose to attend online schools can earn academic qualifications that are recognized and respected around the world. Online classes can allow students to interact with a diverse, global, and intercultural group of students and offers international students a unique cultural experience and studying online has become a legitimate pathway into world-renowned international universities.

Finding the right online school can broaden a student’s educational possibilities far beyond what they might be able to encounter in their surrounding area and can help students who might have struggled with traditional schools shine.

British Schools have achieved a strong reputation for quality, and are respected and recognized all over the world. The National Curriculum of England—also commonly referred to as the “UK Curriculum” or “British Curriculum” is the first choice for many families.

Students who study at British A-Level Online Schools can earn academic qualifications that are recognized and respected around the world.

Top 3 British A-Level Online Schools in the World

Minerva-s-Virtual-Academy-photo-1 Minerva-s-Virtual-Academy-photo-1 Minerva's Virtual Academy Minerva-s-Virtual-Academy-photo-1 Top 3 British A-Level Online Schools in the World | World Schools

Minerva’s Virtual Academy

Top school in London, UK

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is an online independent school for pupils aged 11 – 18.

Pupils study the British Curriculum from the comfort and safety of their own home, wherever they live in the world, receiving an affordable, world-class education to rival ‘mainstream’ school for the first time.

The school enables its pupils to thrive both academically and socially online whilst helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Pupils can study over 20 IGCSE and A Level subjects.

Personal mentors support each child outside lesson hours.

A dynamic weekly timetable includes live lessons, virtual assemblies, after school clubs, wellbeing sessions, and an exciting co-curricular learning programme that tackles the most urgent issues of the day.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is growing fast, led by a team of outstanding teachers who’ve come together to re-define what’s possible for school-age education in the 21st century.

Top school in Europe

Inventum International is revolutionising education by being the first online international school to offer a hybrid approach to education.

We are a registered online Cambridge International School, providing affordable, high-quality, globally recognised courses and qualifications.

We offer a broad spectrum of subjects to suit all learning styles and abilities. Our learners can choose from a range of personalised tiered packages that will offer each individual learner the appropriate amount of help, support and feedback required, alongside the opportunity to develop their well-being, personal mindsets and future career readiness.

Our asynchronous learning platform, Canvas, offers learners access to their coursework, resources and assessments in real-time with the flexibility of allowing them to learn on their own schedule.

We are the only online partner school of The Knowledge Society (TKS), allowing us to offer an excellent range of future-focused learning modules on exciting and emerging technologies.

Our innovative modular course designs allow learners to work at their own pace, on their own schedule while providing the safety net of a dedicated study coach to ensure progress is always made.

We offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience to learn anytime, anywhere, according to each learner's unique situation and needs.

Top school in London, UK

Highgrove Online School is a haven for ambitious pupils who want the very best all-round British education wherever they might be in the world. We offer a warm school community, an academic programme that supports pupils to achieve to the very best of their ability at GCSE and A level, and an extra-curricular programme that is second to none. We are designed to offer a world-class education to rival that of the very best UK independent schools and to support pupils into the most competitive degree courses in the world’s leading universities. Last year our team supported 65% of pupils to achieve places in the world’s top 100 ranked universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. As well as full time online schooling, we offer part time A level, GCSE, EPQ and elective courses, and bespoke programmes including individual tuition to tailor for the exact needs of each pupil. 

Top school in Sandton, South Africa

CambriLearn offers online virtual classes, with interactive lessons, and teacher support for flexible and engaging remote learning.

Our parents and students choose CambriLearn and our International British Curriculum (Cambridge or Pearson Edexcel) for its unrivalled flexibility, giving students the ability to work at their own pace.

Students can enrol in pre-school (Learning to Read and Write) courses and finish their schooling with their AS and A Levels.

Top school in London, UK

The online school community that revolves around you.

With over 16 years of experience and more than 10,000 alumni, we are the original online school.

King’s InterHigh is an independent British international online school. Offering Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form education, we cater to students from age 7 – 18 who are looking for a high-quality British and international education, working towards International GCSEs, A Levels, or the IB Diploma Programme, delivered in a way that revolves around their needs and interests. All with the backing of Inspired, the world’s leading education group.

Considered the original online school and founded in 2005, King’s InterHigh offers easy access to quality live and recorded lessons from anywhere in the world. Lessons are designed and optimised for online and taught by fully qualified and experienced UK teachers. Combined with a proven educational model and innovative delivery, we bring life to lessons and increase students' involvement in learning new concepts. With small classes, interactive lessons and lots happening outside the classroom, our school is designed to fit around our students’ lifestyle, providing them with an edge over traditional mainstream schooling.

The school is an extraordinary blend of 50 years of academic excellence of the King’s College Group and of InterHigh’s 15+ years of delivering unparalleled online education. With over 10,000 alumni and graduates progressing to fulfilling careers and to further studies in universities across the UK and internationally, King’s InterHigh is a global learning community.

Exam results are outstanding for a non-selective online school, with graduates going on to UK and international universities as well as fulfilling careers in many industries. In 2019, of the King’s InterHigh graduates who applied to university, 47% went to Russell Group Universities, with 10% studying Medicine or Aerospace Engineering. We bring over 40 years of excellence in the International Baccalaureate® through the Inspired group to deliver the world’s first fully online IB Diploma. Inspired learners regularly achieve high IB results year after year, with our highest-scoring school recording an average of 39 points in 2021.
King’s InterHigh students are also active in sports and the arts, with some of our students managing professional acting and athletic careers while attending school.

The school represents an immersive and personalised approach to learning, preparing students for the virtual global workplaces of the future. King’s InterHigh is part of the Inspired Education Group, with over 70 schools across five continents. Our students have the opportunity to enjoy on-campus experiences at some of the group’s premium boarding schools, and through summer camps and exchange programmes, they can connect with a global network of over 50,000 students worldwide, benefitting from a blend of both online and offline learning experiences. Extra-curricular events and experiences include the Model United Nations and Student Leadership Conference, a virtual event organised by a student committee. This forms part of King’s InterHigh’s rounded approach to developing 21st Century skills and building a virtual community between our students, alongside the academic experience of the school.

For a school that revolves around you, where every student's unique potential is nurtured and fulfilled, visit the King's InterHigh website to discover online study options or discuss admissions.

Top school in Romania, Europe
Spark Generation is the biggest educational platform for high schoolers. We are an innovative and flexible educational system offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. A digital learning platform enabling a new way of teaching and learning.  Our innovative approach gives a fresh and alternative take on education for young people aged between 13 and 19, their parents, teachers and schools — the Spark Generation. We blend academic learning with focus on wellbeing and future readiness to equip the next generation for the world.  We are built on solid foundations – 30 years of experience in education, Cambridge accreditation and skilled teachers and staff. Educational Model: Our mission is to create a supportive and innovative environment for our students by following a progressive 21st-century educational model. While academic progress is significant for future success, we aim to develop students as a whole. Spark Generation builds on the experience of Transylvania College, one of the few British Schools Overseas (BSO) and Cambridge International accredited schools.