Yew Chung

Yew Chung

4 Tips on How to Learn Chinese for Beginners

Learning Chinese for the first time? 4 Essential Tips to Get You Started Chinese language-learning lies at the very heart…

30 Oct 2018

Yew Chung

The Importance of Technological Megatrends and Their Impact on Education

YCIS Beijing Western Co-Principal Noel Thomas believes that one of the keys to understanding this constantly evolving landscape is the…

25 Sep 2018

Yew Chung

Character Education: The Truths and Value of a Fully Rounded Education

Character education is a relatively new concept in the education world. Yew Chung International School of Beijing explains this educational…

08 Sep 2018

Yew Chung

How much Chinese can a child realistically learn?

Obtaining Essential Learning Skills through Foreign Language Study As learning Mandarin Chinese becomes increasingly popular across the world, exposing their…

15 Aug 2018

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