Boarding School Consultancy

Welcome to our world of tailor-made boarding school consultancy. Our dedicated educational experts unearth amazing destinations and curate bespoke educational experiences. From the most prestigious boarding schools to the most hidden gems, we can support and help find your best-fit boarding school, personalized to your family’s desires.

Boarding Schools offer amazing life experiences and educational opportunities, such as small class sizes, excellent academic standards and extracurricular activities. These tangible benefits will be even surpassed by the intangible facts of becoming mature, self-confident and well prepared for University life and beyond.

Finding the best boarding school for your child is the core of our counseling work. Following an initial assessment meeting, your personal consultant will perform a profound Boarding School Search while taking into account all the relevant details – your preferred location, your educational preferences, your favorite extracurricular activities, your budget, and anything else that is important to you.

Мы даем вам возможность полностью персонализировать вашу программу с нами, добавляя те этапы, которые вам необходимы, такие как поиск школы, поддержка при подаче документов, посещение кампуса, полный обзор академической квалификации, написание эссе, подготовка к вступительным экзаменам в школу или помощь в определении сильных и слабых сторон.