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Qu'est-ce que l'éducation Montessori ?
The Montessori education is a method developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori. Emphasizing independence, it views children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive and well-prepared learning environment. It discourages some conventional measures of achievement, such as grades and tests.

Environnement Montessori
Les salles de classe Montessori sont immédiatement reconnaissables. Vous verrez des enfants travaillant de manière indépendante ou en groupe, souvent avec du matériel d'apprentissage spécialement conçu, profondément engagés dans leur travail et respectueux d'eux-mêmes et de leur environnement.
It should be a prepared environment: tidy, pleasing in appearance, simple and real, where each element exists for a reason in order to help in the development of the child. A Montessori classroom integrates children of mixed ages that are grouped in periods of 3 years. This promotes socialization, respect and solidarity among them naturally. The prepared environment offers the child opportunities to commit to interesting and freely chosen work, which brings out long periods of concentration that should not be interrupted.

La méthode Montessori
La méthode Montessori favorise une croissance rigoureuse et motivée des enfants et des adolescents dans tous les domaines de leur développement - cognitif, émotionnel, social et physique.
Children work with concrete materials that were scientifically designed, which provide them with the keys to explore our world and develop basic cognitive abilities. The materials are designed to allow the child to recognize the error by him/herself and become responsible for his/her own learning.
The adult is an observer and a guide: he/she helps and stimulates the child with all his/her effort. This allows children to act, want and think by themselves, and helps them to develop inner discipline and confidence.

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