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Cologne has become a favored destination for teenagers attending boarding schools, as families have come to appreciate the quality of education and opportunities provided by the location. If you’re searching for the best boarding schools in Cologne, this article provides a detailed selection of them.

Why Choose to Study in a Boarding School?

Boarding schools offer a wide range of curricula, including the British, American, and International Baccalaureate (IB) systems, which can help prepare students for success in a global world. Boarding school education places a strong emphasis on academic excellence and rigorous coursework, which studies have shown to be beneficial for students. Compared to average students, boarding school students achieve higher success rates in college and adult life. During evenings, boarding schools provide supervised study time for students to complete their homework and prepare for the next day.

Why Choose to Study in Cologne?

Cologne, also known as Köln, is one of Germany’s most popular study abroad destinations and offers an excellent option for families. While some boarding schools offer instruction in English, others offer it in German. Regardless, students will be fully immersed in German culture, which will be a great asset for their future lives. Moreover, Cologne is easily accessible to many top European cities, as they are just one to two hours away by plane. Cologne is the main cultural spot in Rhineland and home to more than thirty museums and galleries, which showcase ancient Roman archaeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture. Additionally, the city offers a vibrant cultural life, with its many festivals, events, and traditions.

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Best Boarding Schools in Cologne

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