Montana Zugerberg研究所

Institut Montana Zugerberg is a fully accredited Swiss international boarding school for 90 years now and since 1987 an official IB World School. The School’s longstanding experience in academic excellence allows us to ideally prepare students as well educated and confident individuals ready for success at world-renowned international universities.

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Bilingualism is a difficult area to research, a dense forest of confounding variables, of which sampling, education levels, tasks used, variations in the languages themselves and different outcomes from different language combinations, are but a few. There is evidence, however, that expertise in more than one language provides cognitive benefits …

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A unique approach to physical education



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随着冬季的到来,本文回顾了蒙塔纳-祖格堡学院2019年的夏季课程,并告诉你他们令人振奋的2020年夏季课程。灯光、摄像机、行动!还有什么比通过观看我们的学生制作的电影来回顾我们的夏天更好的方式呢?Montana Zugerberg学院 Montana ...

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