Топ-3 лучших британских школ в Румынии

Top British Schools in Romania

Учебная программа Великобритании, также известная как Британская учебная программа, очень популярна в Румынии. Откройте для себя 3 лучшие британские школы в Румынии.

Британские школы добились прочной репутации качества, и она пользуется уважением и высоким признанием во всем мире. Национальный учебный план Англии - также часто называемый "учебным планом Великобритании" или "Британская учебная программа” is the first choice for many families. According to The International School Consultancy’s researches, there are over 3300 schools (as of March 2017) offering the UK curriculum making it the most demanded ones across all international schools around the world. The British curriculum is a very structured curriculum and one of the huge benefits is how transferable it is, allowing students to move seamlessly from country to country or back to the UK.

Situated along the western edge of the Black Sea, Romania gives its visitors beautiful views of snowy mountains, wonderful beaches, and medieval castles. The country is growing as an international tourist destination and a gateway to business in Eastern Europe. Many expats move to the capital, Bucharest, which is the country’s construction, engineering, IT, communications, and software development hub. Nowadays Romania is considered a relatively safe country and despite the fact that it has some of the lowest salaries in Europe, this is offset by its low cost of living. Most international families choose private healthcare services and International schools.

Топ-3 лучших британских школ в Румынии

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