Choosing the right international school is important.

Moving your family to another country is an exciting adventure, but one that is not without its challenges. One of the most considerable and crucial of these, perhaps even ahead of deciding where to live, is the challenge of choosing the right international school for your child.

最初のうちは、とても大変なことだと思うかもしれませんが、それは当然のことです。しかし、そのようなことをするのではなく 当社の教育専門家の助けを借りて そのためには、自分が何を必要としているのかを明確にしておくことが重要であり、役に立ちます。それぞれのご家庭のニーズやご希望によって異なりますが、以下の通りです。 some key considerations which may help you when making your choice of international school.

1.カリキュラムの定義 お子さんのためにも

お子さんにナショナル・カリキュラムに沿った教育を受けさせたいですか(例えば ブリティッシュ・スクール または アメリカンスクール)や、国際的なカリキュラム(例えば IBスクール)?その答えはいくつかの要因によって決まりますが、これらの質問に答える必要があるのです。

  • お子さんのこれまでの学習内容について
  • また国を移すつもりですか?
  • お子さんはAレベルやAPなどの国家試験を受けるのでしょうか?
  • お子さんが将来、どこの大学に行くか?

Another aspect to consider is the delivery of said curriculum; is it a traditional system of direct instruction or an inquiry-based learning approach? Not only will this determine how they are assessed, but also how they develop as learners throughout their formative years. If you are still not sure about which curriculum you might be interested to read our guide about どのカリキュラムを選ぶか.



If your child has learning disabilities you might want to consider smaller class size so he/she will get more attention and care to his/her specific needs.




While it may not be the most important factor for some, a conveniently located school can make all the difference to your day. Finding a school that will slot nicely into your daily commute can mean you have more time to spend on other things instead of traipsing back and forth across town in rush hour traffic before school and after activities. Also, depending on whether the school is located in the city center, the outskirts, or the countryside, its grounds could be anything from cramped and unwelcoming to spacious and lush. Of course, beauty isn’t everything, but for a place your child will spend so much of their life in, a nice environment can make all the difference.


Finally, something critical for both parent and child alike; what kind of community are you looking for? Would you like to be involved in different events or meet other parents? Many expat parents find huge support in the connections they make through the international community, which greatly helps with the settling in process. Try to find an international school that values community and facilitates these relationships by taking every opportunity to get parents, teachers and students together to share experiences and form lasting bonds.


The cost of International Schools will vary depending on the location and the quality of education provided. Generally, the yearly cost for an International School varies between $15,000 to 40,000 USD. In addition to education, the total cost of studying in an International School can include sports, food, trips, extracurricular activities, and insurance. So don’t forget to consider all the extracurricular expenses you will save by applying to an international school.


これらの要素を考慮した上で、次のステップとして、自分の条件に合いそうな学校のリストを作成し、候補を絞り込み、見学の予約をして、親子でその場所の雰囲気を味わうことができます。今のところ、直接学校を訪れることができない場合は contact us バーチャル訪問をアレンジしたり、お客様の機会についてお話しさせていただくことも可能です。最終的には、直感的に、自分の子供がその学校で幸せになれると思うかどうかが決め手になります。学校見学を終えて、ある学校に好感が持てれば、それは素晴らしいことです。あなたのお子さんもそう思えれば、あなたは勝者になれるかもしれません。

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