Die besten internationalen Schulen in Österreich

Best Schools in Austria
Internationale Schulen sind in Österreich sehr beliebt. Entdecken Sie die besten internationalen Schulen in Österreich.

Warum eine Internationale Schule in Österreich wählen?

Austria offers a rich cultural setting in the very heart of Europe, with impressive Baroque architecture, awe-inspiring churches and captivating cultural events. Full of international and bilingual schools and universities, Austria offers expat families a world of opportunities and easily nestles its way into the hearts of the many expats who choose to make it home. Austria is a German-speaking country in Central Europe, with much of its population bilingual or trilingual, and many fluent in English. Austria offers a broad spectrum of educational opportunities – not to mention great social security and economic stability. It has a unique intercultural perspective and is a welcoming and friendly home to international families.

Quality of Life and Economy

Austria’s Danube River capital city, Vienna, is regularly ranked as the number one city for quality of life in the world (2010-present). Political, social, economic, health, education, safety, and environmental aspects all play a role in this ranking. Vienna is also a favorite amongst top international managers. Numerous companies have their head offices for Central and Eastern Europe in Vienna and the city is one of the UN’s main headquarters. Vienna has the flair of a historic old city with an international atmosphere that makes the Austrian capital most attractive. All the major cities as well as the rest of the country have efficient and well-maintained public transport facilities.

Ein kulturelles Kapital

Austria provides great cultural richness and diversity, as well as an unforgettable social experience. Austria’s cultural environment and past have generated a broad contribution to various forms of art. Austria is well known for its first-class musical experience, with Vienna being the world’s music capital. Austria has some of the world’s most important and stunning visual art collections as well, with countless museums and galleries ranging from old masters to contemporary artists. Austria also offers the best of many worlds, including quaint mountain towns, stunning lakes, and modern and baroque architecture.
Menschen aus aller Welt fühlen sich in Österreich zu Hause und leben gerne hier.


Österreich ist ein Land, das jede Jahreszeit hat, typisch für Mitteleuropa, mit kalten Wintern und heißen Sommern.

Internationale Ausbildung

International education in Austria continues to grow and many different international curricula are available to students from Pre-Kindergarten to advanced degrees. International schools are popular with expatriate parents, bicultural families, and internationally-minded Austrian parents. Parents need to be sure they are considering top schools with valid and current accreditation from recognized international authorities.

Die besten internationalen Schulen in Österreich

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