As 3 melhores escolas britânicas da Turquia

Top British Schools in Turkey

O UK Curriculum, também conhecido como o British Curriculum, é muito popular na Turquia. Descubra as 3 melhores escolas britânicas da Turquia.

Escolas Britânicas alcançaram uma forte reputação de qualidade, e é respeitada e altamente reconhecida em todo o mundo. O National Curriculum of England - também comumente chamado de "UK Curriculum" ou "Curriculum Britânico” is the first choice for many families. According to The International School Consultancy’s researches, there are over 3300 schools (as of March 2017) offering the UK curriculum making it the most demanded ones across all international schools around the world. The British curriculum is a very structured curriculum and one of the huge benefits is how transferable it is, allowing students to move seamlessly from country to country or back to the UK.

Turkey is a very diverse country—whether it is cultural, geographical, or economic—mixing Arab, Asian, and European influences. Turkey is a mixture of very different cultures such as those of the Ottoman Empire, Islam, and the Mediterranean Basin. The history of the country is very interesting, and you can discover it by visiting its open-air museums, its ancient ruins, Byzantine cathedrals, and Persian monuments. Studying in Turkey costs less than other European countries. Even the city of Istanbul offers very affordable prices for accommodation and food. Turkish people are very hospitable. They do not hesitate to help foreigners find their way, even if they do not speak English. The Turkish population is also young and value culture and entertainment.

As 3 melhores escolas britânicas da Turquia

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