Le 3 migliori scuole britanniche in Brasile

Top British Schools in Brazil

Il Curriculum britannico, conosciuto anche come British Curriculum, è molto popolare in Brasile. Scopri le 3 migliori scuole britanniche in Brasile.

Scuole britanniche hanno raggiunto una forte reputazione per la qualità, ed è rispettato e altamente riconosciuto in tutto il mondo. Il National Curriculum dell'Inghilterra - anche comunemente chiamato "UK Curriculum" o "Curriculum britannico” is the first choice for many families. According to The International School Consultancy’s researches, there are over 3300 schools (as of March 2017) offering the UK curriculum making it the most demanded ones across all international schools around the world. The British curriculum is a very structured curriculum and one of the huge benefits is how transferable it is, allowing students to move seamlessly from country to country or back to the UK.

As one of South America’s leading economic powers, Brazil offers an extensive range of opportunities to its ever-expanding international population! The largest country in South America boasts an abundance of natural attractions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The majority of foreigners moving to Brazil relocate in the biggest cities, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and the capital, Brasília. The city is the seat of the central government and is home to embassies, consulates, and to headquarters of many multinational companies, attracting expats from all over the world. All of Brazil’s main cities have an extensive network of healthcare and education options available. International schools in Brazil are very popular among the diplomatic and expat populations.

Le 3 migliori scuole britanniche in Brasile

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