As 5 Principais Vantagens das Classes de Pequeno Porte

As grandes escolas recebem toda a atenção. Com o potencial de mais instalações, é fácil atraí-las como uma escolha para a educação. Entretanto, as escolas menores tendem a ter menos alunos - o que significa que há menos alunos por série, e o tamanho das classes é menor. Acontece que o tamanho das turmas menores tem inúmeros benefícios sobre as turmas grandes.

Relacionamento aluno-professor

In a classroom, it can be difficult for students to directly engage with the content and be drawn in by the topics. However, smaller class sizes allow for improved relationships between the teachers and the students. Not only are the professors able to directly address a small group of students, therefore creating a connection that enables better learning, but the students are more easily able to ask relevant questions to the teachers, and obtain better answers.

Mais atenção a cada estudante

To properly absorb class content, each student needs to be able to have their needs addressed and continuously learn how to improve. In a large classroom, this can be difficult — there may not be enough time to properly and completely attend to every student. However, when the class size is smaller, each pupil can receive meaningful and constructive feedback throughout the school year, allowing them to individually improve every aspect of their learning experience.

Aprendizagem personalizada

When a professor teaches a large class, they usually have to generalize the content and have a more basic view of the topics. While this is a good way to teach, it may invoke less interest in the students and not allow them to deepen their knowledge on more specific topics they’re interested in. In smaller classes, however, the teacher is able to get a good view of the progress of the class and tailor their courses to allow extra attention to topics of difficulty. By properly comprehending the needs of a small class, the students are better able to advance.

Há muitas vantagens em ter classes de tamanhos menores
Há muitas vantagens em ter classes de tamanhos menores

Mais coesão

Turmas pequenas permitem maior coesão entre os alunos. Com turmas maiores, os alunos podem se dividir em grupos separados, o que dificulta o estabelecimento de um relacionamento entre eles. Com uma turma pequena, os alunos podem trabalhar juntos como uma única família e não apenas formar melhores relacionamentos, mas melhorar seu aprendizado através da cooperação. Além disso, é mais fácil para o professor se dirigir aos alunos quando eles trabalham juntos, pois eles prestam mais atenção como classe.

Menos interrupções

Let’s face it: teaching a class will always be met with some sort of disruption, some complication, and wasted time while waiting for everyone to settle in. Smaller classes simplify this issue a hundredfold. When there are just a few students in a class, fewer issues will arise, it takes less time for everyone to get to where they need to be, and the flow of the class will be smoother, allowing for more time to learn and a more consistent experience.

When looking for an international school, it’s important to consider every aspect of your choice. By considering the benefits of smaller schools, you can more easily find a proper school that will provide high-quality education.

Escrito por Leonardo, estudante DP1