Sei benefici dell'iscrizione di tuo figlio in una Junior Boarding School americana

Many families know about boarding school, but they assume that this option is available only to students in grades 9 through 12. Junior boarding schools serve younger students (here at Fay, our boarders are in grades 7-9), and they offer middle schoolers unique opportunities and thorough preparation for the road ahead.

1. Un approccio equilibrato

Many junior boarding schools employ a “whole-child” approach that addresses every aspect of student development, from classroom learning to physical and emotional well-being. Here at Fay, we focus on helping students learn how to be good students and good people: the academic curriculum is complemented by daily participation on athletic teams, music and art classes, opportunities to lead in community service and student government, and after-school clubs that include robotics, the student newspaper, songwriting, and contest math. Balance is a focus of the program: personal technology like laptops and cell phones are locked away for most of each day, for example, so students can fully immerse themselves in school life without digital distractions.

2. Curriculum innovativo e nuove prospettive

Le junior boarding schools hanno il vantaggio di poter progettare e implementare un curriculum che sfida e ispira i loro studenti. In piccole classi, gli studenti imparano ad esplorare le idee da diverse prospettive, a pensare criticamente e a sviluppare le proprie interpretazioni del materiale. Qui alla Fay, per esempio, i nostri studenti del nono anno hanno l'opportunità di seguire corsi opzionali unici come Diagnosing the Modern World, una classe combinata di scienze e storia in cui gli studenti esplorano questioni attuali come l'accesso globale al cibo e all'acqua da prospettive sia storiche che scientifiche.

3. Una popolazione studentesca diversificata

The United States boasts a diverse population, and this holds true for its junior boarding schools as well. Students who attend American schools learn side-by-side with students and teachers from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. At Fay, our boarders come from more than 25 countries, and they are paired with roommates whose native languages are different. Our students have regular opportunities to participate in meaningful conversations about identity through our Community Connections program, and beloved school traditions like Taste of Nations give our students ways to celebrate the range of cultures in our community. Being part of an authentically diverse community at an early age helps children develop the empathy and understanding they will need to be part of an increasingly global society.

4. Insegnanti eccellenti

American educators are known for having some of the most extensive training and experience in the world. Ninety percent of the faculty at Fay School hold master’s degrees in teaching or in their subject area, and many are published authors and experts in their fields. Furthermore, they are middle school experts and know how to support the developmental needs of adolescents. At a junior boarding school, living on campus provides the added bonus of allowing students to build meaningful connections with their teachers, who also serve as their coaches, dorm parents, and advisors.

5. Forte insegnamento dell'inglese

Le ricerche dimostrano che l'immersione linguistica aiuta gli studenti a sviluppare capacità cognitive e comunicative in giovane età. Oltre al lavoro quotidiano in classe, i collegi americani motivano i loro studenti ad imparare l'inglese fornendo attività divertenti che promuovono l'apprendimento intensivo della lingua, come i club e le attività extracurriculari. Alcune scuole, come la Fay, offrono anche un insegnamento mirato della lingua inglese ai non madrelingua che desiderano sviluppare ulteriormente le loro capacità di lettura, scrittura e conversazione.

6. Expert secondary school counselors

After attending junior boarding school in the United States, many students go on to enroll in top U.S. secondary schools. In turn, these schools prepare students well for an American college experience. Junior boarding schools provide students with opportunities to build English skills, integrate with a new culture and environment, participate in extracurricular activities, practice leadership, and develop the academic skills that will help them to be more compelling candidates for secondary school. At Fay, our dedicated team of four secondary school counselors work closely with parents to help them find schools that are a good match for their child. Our counselors also guide students as they write their applications and help them prepare for the all-important secondary school interview. (You can see the list of where our students attend secondary school here.)

L'obiettivo finale di ogni genitore è quello di preparare il proprio figlio al successo, indipendentemente dalla forma che questo viaggio può assumere. Scegliere di mandare il proprio figlio in una delle migliori junior boarding school degli Stati Uniti può essere il primo passo perfetto.