Los mejores colegios del IB (Bachillerato Internacional) en Stevenson

Los colegios del IB (Bachillerato Internacional) son muy populares en Stevenson. Descubre los mejores colegios del IB (Bachillerato Internacional) en Stevenson.

¿Por qué elegir el plan de estudios del IB (Bachillerato Internacional)?

The International Baccalaureate Program is a curriculum framework that consists of four programmes of education, offered in schools all around the world to children from 3-19 years old, and it is particularly convenient for the expat families, which can ensure their children will get a world-class education in nearly 150 countries throughout the world. With a rigorous, balanced approach, IB programmes aim to prepare students for the social, emotional, and intellectual challenges of a college education. Therefore, IB curricula not only deliver content, but they also focus on developing critical thinking and other skills, in order to make students successful learners and well-rounded people who are prepared for today and the future. If you are looking for an education that stimulates and challenges your child but also requires hard work, then the IB is the perfect choice for you!

¿Cómo es la calidad de vida en Stevenson?

Situada en el valle de Greenspring, en el condado de Baltimore, en Maryland, Stevenson es una zona residencial, conocida por ofrecer una educación de primer nivel a estudiantes de Estados Unidos y de todo el mundo. Las familias de expatriados y los estudiantes encontrarán en Stevenson un excelente sistema educativo y un entorno estimulante y enriquecedor que puede fomentar y ampliar su desarrollo con diferentes opciones educativas y muchas actividades extracurriculares.

Mejores colegios del IB (Bachillerato Internacional) en Stevenson

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