Los mejores centros de educación infantil en Maryland

Los centros preescolares son muy populares en Maryland. Descubre los mejores centros de educación infantil en Maryland.

¿Por qué los centros preescolares son buenos para los niños?

Preschool is a program in which children are commonly enrolled between the ages of 3 and 5. In preschools programs, professionally trained adults combine together learning with playing in order to improve kids’ social and emotional development. Preschool is important for a child because it bridges the gap between home and school, and makes the transition to regular school much smoother especially when moving to another country. In preschools, children have access to various activities and have the opportunity to explore, use their imagination, be creative and learn through play. Playing is, in fact, one of the best ways in which children learn to interact with peers, with adults, and develop the ability to concentrate, to stay focused and to follow targeted instructions.

Encontrar un centro de preescolar en Maryland

Los padres sólo quieren lo mejor para sus hijos y, sobre todo cuando acaban de trasladarse a otro país, encontrar el centro preescolar adecuado para ellos puede resultar desalentador. Afortunadamente, Maryland ofrece una amplia gama de prestigiosos centros preescolares que fomentarán el desarrollo social, intelectual, físico y emocional de su hijo. Consulte la siguiente lista para descubrir los mejores centros preescolares de Maryland.

¿Cómo es la calidad de vida en Maryland?

Maryland is a top choice destination for international students! With its beautiful various landscape and its major cities, this State is the ideal place for studying and getting a world-class education. Expats and international students will find in Maryland an excellent educational system rated as top 5 in the country for Education and Opportunity!

Los mejores centros de educación infantil en Maryland

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