The Learning Journey: How Your Child Continues to Achieve Their Potential

在世界各地,我们许多人目前正经历着一个不确定的时期。今年发生的巨大变化几乎影响了我们所有人的工作、学习和生活方式。在这一时期,提供高质量的教学和我们的全部教育课程仍然是我们的首要承诺。无论是在课堂上还是通过我们的虚拟学校与我们一起学习 - 每个学生,他们独特的学习旅程和他们的学术目标是我们工作的核心。


当我们把学习描述为一个 "旅程 "时,我们是什么意思?这是一个想法,即任何孩子的学习周期都不是线性的,它自然会有波动。在课堂上或通过虚拟学校教育,每个学生都经历过加速学习的时期,也有一些是更具挑战性的。尽管今年有其独特的挑战,但学生的学习方式仍然是如此,而我们的教学方法正是培养这一过程的关键。

Our teachers are experts in identifying the gaps in a child’s understanding of a topic and personalising their approach to help them reach their targets. We have trained, and continue to develop, all of our teachers so that they are prepared and skilled in identifying where a child needs more support, regardless of environment. Most crucial to this is the quality time between teacher and student – so it is part of our standard programme that all teachers carve out opportunity with individual students to continually assess their progress and needs.



We are continually assessing how we can deliver, adapt and improve our offering for students and parents. We recognise that communication with parents on their child’s development is a key element in helping every student to achieve their very best. Parents evening remains a staple date in the school calendar. To better this and ensure preparedness for the months ahead, we have now also introduced opportunities for parents to meet with teachers virtually. These allow our parents to catch up one-to-one with their child’s teacher at a time which suits their daily schedule.

We continue to evolve our online learning platform. These developments will further improve the smoothness of learning so that recordings of classroom lessons and virtual lessons are both accessible via one single, easy to use platform. This new addition to our teaching programme will ensure continuity of learning and improve clarity for students, particularly if it is necessary for learning environments to be flexible.


曼谷圣安德鲁斯国际学校 我们致力于确保我们所有的学生都能取得理想的成绩,并为未来的全球职业机会做好准备。欲知更多关于我们如何确保学校的学术成就,请访问 我们的网站.