凤凰商店设在食堂旁的一个小房间里。学生们每天都会路过该商店。而在covid19预防措施之前,家长们也是如此。KIS PTO是一个家长志愿者团体,他们在这个空间里摆放着品牌服装、学习用品、KIS的新奇物品和学校吉祥物菲尔伯茨的毛绒玩具。"但人们的看法是,这家店只卖体育用品,"贾斯汀说,"所以我们想展示商品。"贾斯汀和普拉特还意识到,菲尼克斯商店并不能完全为那些可能不被允许带现金进入校园的年轻学生所接受。一个网站可以打开客户群。


Platt knew he wanted to develop his coding and design skills. This project was perfect practice, with a practical outcome. KIS teaches Stanford Design Thinking, and the process guided Justin and Platt as they developed the Phoenix Store site. Both met with PTO members and school administration to ensure their product would be useful to students and families. Another concern was sustainability. KIS supports student exploration and innovation, but also encourages students to think beyond the school year, or past their graduation: who will continue what you create here?

Covid19 brings new challenges to the online Phoenix Store. The demand for online ordering is increased. Justin and Platt shifted the platform to Godo Mall to support purchases made in either US dollars or Korean won. Safe, efficient delivery of goods is a current challenge as on campus student populations shifts in response to covid19 precautions. Both Justin and Platt are confident they can work with PTO to make a smooth system. 


Both Justin and Platt continue to explore the STEM field. Justin is interested in AI and has taken online courses to learn more. “Technology used to be just sci-fi movies,” he says, “But now it’s just algorithmic, programmable.” Justin considers the AI applications in medicine and is particularly curious how AI might help the brain. Platt is fascinated by biochemistry and is researching hemostatic processes. Of interest is how to coagulate blood quickly – emergency applications are available but Platt thinks common workplaces can benefit from access to the tech too. Justin and Platt see STEM as able to answer immediate needs. 




Korea International School

Korea International School (KIS) is a private, proprietary, non-profit, nonsectarian school. KIS offers a fully WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)-accredited PK-12. As a high-performing college preparatory school, we deliver a comprehensive education in humanities, world languages, engineering, arts, math, and science using both traditional and innovative teaching practices, with an emphasis on providing internationally minded applied learning opportunities.