LCS Students Score Among the Top in Math Contests


近几个月来。 LCS students in all grades have participated in math contests to test their knowledge and challenge themselves to grow valuable problem solving skills. Competitions are not always about achieving first place, they are an important part of learning that help students develop motivation, determination, and quick thinking skills, all of which are valuable tools that can be applied in other areas of life.

我相信,对于那些对数学竞赛感兴趣的学生来说,有一个专门的时间和空间来相互学习和提高他们的技能是非常重要的。 数学俱乐部 今年给了学生这样的时间和空间。虽然数学俱乐部不是我们学生成功的唯一原因,但我确信它是他们获得如此好成绩的部分原因。


Please join us in congratulating the following students for their outstanding performance in recent math competitions.


Jacobo de Juan Millon ’23 and Joyce Tao ’23 competed in the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest (organized by University of Waterloo) in November. Jacobo was six points shy of a perfect score and his result was 20 points higher than the average score from 6704 participants! Joyce finished in the top 25% of participants overall.

Jacobo ’23 and Joyce ’23 also competed in the American Mathematics Contest (organized by Mathematical Association of America) along with Judy Yu ’23 in February. Judy and Joyce were among the top three student results on the AMC 10 at LCS. Jacobo’s result earned him a Certificate of Distinction (top 5% of all participants). He also earned a place on the AMC 10 Honor Roll (top 1% of all participants) and qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME). After writing the AIME, he qualified for the USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO). Only 180 students worldwide were invited to write the USAJMO!

Jacobo ’23, Judy ’23, Amy Shin ’23, and Steven Zhang ’23 competed in the Cayley Contest (organized by University of Waterloo) in February. Jacobo, Amy, and Judy competed as a team of three to earn a score of 404 out of 450, which placed LCS 29th out of 609 teams. Jacobo, Amy, Judy, and Steven also earned Honour Roll status for a result in the top 25% of participants overall.


Sihan Chen ’22, Jeewoo Lee ’21, Victoria Li ’22, and Wellesley Yu ’21 earned Certificates of Distinction (top 25% of all participants) at the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (organized by University of Waterloo) in November. Their combined scores were high enough as a team of four to earn LCS “Regional Zone Champion” status among all schools in the Peterborough area!

Sihan ’22 and Luck Wang ’23 competed in the Fermat Contest (organized by University of Waterloo) in February and earned Honour Roll status for results in the top 25% of participants overall. Notably, Luck wrote this Grade 11 contest as a Grade 10 student!

Congratulations to our students!



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